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Electrostatic powder coating

A powder coating is an organic coating which is applied in powder form. By increasing the temperature, the powder flows out and forms a continuous layer. This service is possible in any RAL color, primer, special structure, hammer scale or metallic effect and certain degrees of gloss. This can be done in a one, two or three-layer powder coating system.

Our powder coatings are certified based on NEN EN ISO 9227 NSS, written in the specification of Qualisteelcoat. The tested powder coat systems are based on ISO 12944-6 for C4/C5M classification (15 year).


Wet painting

When powder coating is maybe not the best option to go with your product, wet coating may offer the solution. Brassto specializes in all types of paint systems. For example the spraying of a three-layer offshore coating system. We are able to advise you and put together the best paint system with the desired application. We spray several components such as pumps, motors and valves. Wet paint can be sprayed in any desired RAL color, depending on the paint system. We are certified for painting systems of Equinor and Gasunie.



For proper treatment of the powder coating or wet painting, the metal will first be blasted. With blasting we remove the rust (if present) and we create a surface profile that is needed for the adhesion of the powder or liquid coating. The blasting can be done for different kind of metals, such as aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. We blast with speed blast, corund and glass beads.


Glass bead blasting

Glass bead blasting is a special pre-treatment; a surface of a relatively soft material, such as aluminum, will be blasted with glass beads. The surface will have a nice and smooth result, which attach little to no dirt.


Metal spray

Metal spraying is the thermal application of liquid zinc or aluminum on a blasted metal surface. The zinc or aluminum wire is applied with a flame heated spray gun. Due to the flame, and the zinc being liquid, it is possible to spray. With this expensive surface treatment it creates a galvanic protection which means that no corrosion will arise if the layer of paint (which is applied at a later stage) is damaged. After metal spraying you can choose for a powder coating or a liquid coating.

We are certified to apply TSA (Thermal Spray Aluminum) in accordance with Norsok M-501 for Equinor.



In many specifications certain inspections are required, which results in higher level quality. In addition to trained and qualified applicators, we also have qualified inspection personnel and equipment. We are certified to carry out certain inspection according to NACE CIP. 

To improve the knowledge and quality, we are currently working closely with an inspection and consulting company. They have many years of experience in conservation. They have a certified NACE level 3 inspector. Click here for more information about this company.



To give you the best service, we have the ability to transport the goods of your order.

For more information, you can always contact us by phone, e-mail or our contact form.